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Telescoping Ratchet Lopper (H125)


Telescoping Ratchet Lopper  
  • The Horizons model 125 Telescoping loppers feature a ratchet gear that allows you to cut through branches and trees up to 2 1/4 inches thick.
  • The gearing produces an amazing amount of leverage giving you a smooth and effortless cut.
  • The handles extend from 26in to 38in with a true lock system that will never slip like twist locks.
  • The handle extensions give you great reach and incredible power (perfect for Crepe-myrtles).
  • The handles are oval not round giving them greater torsional rigidity.
  • The handles are made of extruded aircraft grade aluminum, the blade is made of triple tempered steel, all pins, springs and attachments are made of stainless steel.
  • Our patented center oiler bolts that lubricate as you cut.
  • Horizon's has produced the 125 since 1986 and we (unlike the major chains) always have replacement parts and blades available.
  • Click for H125 Demo Video

We so believe in our loppers that if they break or fail to work for any reason in the next 5 years we will replace them no questions asked.

Price: $99.95

  Telescoping Ratchet Lopper (H125)


Review - Horizons Telescoping Loppers Model 125

The Horizons Telescoping Loppers Model 125 are the perfect item for trimming branches on trees and shrubs... I watched the man do the demonstration and asked several questions about the durability of this item.  With myself having MS, I was needing something that I could use without a lot of strain. Plus something lightweight. He let me try cutting a 3" branch and I was just amazed it cut like a hot knife thought butter.  The Loppers have a ratcheting system so you just pull on the handles till you hear the 1st click. Then open an pull again till you hear the 2nd click, finally the 3rd click and you have cut the branch.

We live on a 140 acre farm, so we are always cutting back trees and shrubs in the fence. With the telescoping arms on the loppers, it makes it to where you get farther up or out on those area's that need pruned. I can't rave enough about these loppers. If you know anyone that is struggling with weakness in the arms, this would be a great item for them. Like I said, I have MS and don't have hardly any strength and this has been the perfect item for me. - CBilbo


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